Maintaining Your Garage Door For Optimal Performance & Lifespan

There are 3 important maintenance steps that you can perform on your garage door system at least once a year in order to prolong its life and functionality.


1.) Perhaps the easiest thing you can do to maintain your garage door system is to lubricate the hinges. We recommend using a heavy-duty silicone spray for the best results. If you have black plastic hinges, lubrication is not necessary.


The majority of hinges are made of metal. With the garage door closed, spray each of the hinges on the outside of the hinge (where metal meets metal). Also, while you’re at it, you might as well inspect the other hardware components of your system for damage or wear. The parts include: rollers, cables, drums, and other brackets. Make sure that all bolts and screws are tight.


2.) The most important thing you can do is check the balance of the garage door. This refers to the ability of the springs to counter-balance the weight of the garage door. When the springs start to fatigue, they will no longer be able to completely balance the garage door. This will cause the door to become heavy, which will slowly destroy your garage door opener.


To check the balance: Disengage the garage door from the opener by pulling the red-handled emergency release cord. This will allow you to move the garage door independently from the opener (manually). Then, move it up and down by hand a few times to see if there are any obvious sources of friction. If the door feels heavy, call Certified Garage Door, Inc. To test the balance raise the door until the 2nd roller from the top is in the radius of the tracks (the bottom of the door will be about knee-high above the floor). In this position, most of the door will be in the vertical position- therefore, most of the weight will want to come down with gravity. The springs should stop this from happening! So if the door slides down, or slams down, this indicates that the springs are fatigued- and you should plan to have a trained technician come to inspect it!


3.) Checking the safety sensors might seem like a no-brainer, but many times they are the cause of a malfunctioning unit. Make sure that the sensors are pointed directly at each other and move any obstructions out of the way. If this does not work, call Certified Garage Door, Inc. 

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