Protect Your Garage Doors from Hurricanes

Hurricane Wind-Load-Rated Garage Doors – FL Insurance Discounts

Wind-Load-Rated Garage Doors can save Florida homeowners money on their monthly insurance policy.

However, in November 2012 a Florida judge ruled that forms used by property insurers across the state were flawed. Although the case is still tied up courts by Citizens Property Insurance, homeowners who did not receive a discount, may be entitled to one once the case is settled.

For now, check with your insurance company to see what type of discount you may be entitled to.

Regardless,  Wind-Load-Rated garage doors whether new or retroactively fit are necessary to keep your home secure during a hurricane. They say, “”if your garage door goes, your house goes.”

For more information about the status of insurance discounts, read the Q&A section below the article published in the Tampa Bay Times.

Garage Door Reinforcement Special $450

Taxes, fees & installation included

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