If the power goes out, homeowners may need to disconnect their electric openers to manually open the garage door. That can be easier said than done so we suggest homeowners learn how to do it before an emergency arises. To prevent having to search frantically for a garage door instruction manual in the dark, here are some helpful tips:

  1. Disconnect the garage door opener when the garage is in the closed position, not when it’s open. Otherwise, if the springs aren’t balanced, the door could suddenly drop to the ground and cause injury.
  2. If the springs are properly balanced, the door will open easily with the lift handles. If it is difficult to open, have a Professional garage door service technician check the door as soon as possible to avoid further damage or safety risks.
  3. Lock the door. When the automatic opener is disconnected the door is not securely shut until you manually slide the lock bar.
  4. Reconnect the opener when the power comes back on. Make sure the door is unlocked when the opener is reconnected. Electrically opening the garage door while the lock bar is still in place can cause major damage.
  5. Invest in an automatic door opener that includes a battery back-up feature. That way, when the power goes out, the garage door will still function using the opener, as will the entry keypad and the safety sensors, and the garage door will be locked and secured.

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