Post-High Wind Event Door Operation By A Building Occupant

  1. Building occupants should not attempt to remove, adjust or repair doors, springs, or any other door system components, or anything to which they are fastened. Doors are large, heavy objects that move with the help of springs under extreme tension, and can cause serious injury or death. Only trained door systems technicians should remove, repair or adjust doors.
  2. If a building occupant is unsure of the condition of the framing surrounding the door to which the door is attached, a building contractor or design professional should be contacted.
  3. If any problem is observed during visual inspection, visual inspection should immediately cease, the door should not be operationally inspected and a trained door systems technician should be contacted to resolve the problem.
  4. If any problem is encountered during operational inspection, the door should be immediately and carefully lowered to the closed position and a trained door systems technician should be contacted to correct the problem.
  5. Any deformation of panels, tracks or hardware can make a door questionable with regard to withstanding another high wind event. A professional door installer should be contacted in this case.

Visual Inspection

  1. Begin inside the garage. The door should remain closed during this activity. A flashlight and a step stool or ladder should be kept handy.
  2. Door alignment. Check for misalignment of door or door components, or evidence of damage including broken or cracked glass.
  3. Opening frame. Visually inspect jambs and header for proper attachment to the structure including any loose or improperly attached connections.
  4. Door track system. Visually inspect for any looseness of fasteners or misalignment of the track. If OK, continue with the inspection.

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